Influencers And Instagram Stories, The Perfect Marriage?

Instagram Stories have turned the social network into the right eye of brands and influencers thanks to the naturalness and closeness they report.

Influencers And Instagram Stories, The Perfect Marriage

Instagram Stories has become one of the preferred tools of professional marketing when implementing strategies and actions on social media.

Last year, one out of every three Instagram publications containing the hashtag “#ad” was a Stories according to a recent study by Klear.

When Facebook unveiled its fourth quarter 2018 earnings results, Mark Zuckerberg noted that more than two million advertisers were active on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

These data indicate advertisers’ growing interest in social networks and, in particular, in some of the options provided by these platforms. The reason lies in something as simple as users consuming more and more Stories.

On Instagram, this function has 500 million users per day. This marketing strategy is especially relevant when we talk about actions developed with influencers.

These professionals see on the Instagram Stories a way to be closer to their audiences and establish a unique relationship with their followers. Since eMarketing have contacted several influencers and companies that work with them who have made Instagram Stories their working tool and have drawn some very interesting conclusions.

“Influencers love this type of content because it is ephemeral. You can have a lot more fun than with a normal post and it has less branding and sponsorship and is more aligned with each other’s lifestyle,” explains Brandon Perlman, CEO and founder of Gramlist.

Influencers And Instagram Stories, The Perfect Marriage

“Users become more involved with Stories because they can interact and develop a more effective link,” adds Ethan Frame, senior manager of influencer marketing and business development at MVMT.

They point out that influencer marketing seems to be something that has always existed. But it’s not. The truth is that we’re dealing with something really new that we’re all still learning about.

What is clear is that consumers want transparent brands and that they get involved. A desire to which the Instagram Stories contribute by offering that closeness and naturalness that is so hard to find in the world of marketing and advertising.