Influencer Tips: How To Make A Good And Original Media Kit (And Not Die Trying) (Part II)

In the previous post I spoke about:

  1. What a media kit is?
  2. What are they going to ask me and what can I avoid?
  3. Data that should not miss
    • Blog metrics
    • Social network metrics

3. Data that should not miss

Bio (The brief)

Influencer Tips How To Make A Good And Original Media Kit (And Not Die Trying) (Part II)

It’s your cover letter to the world. Be brief, concise but remember to be original, to reach the attention of the person reading to you or to provoke some emotion.

The recruiter or brand must know in the first two lines who you are, what you do with your blog and what audience it is aimed at.

If you include sparkling details of your personality and your life, they are always welcome. You know empathy is very important.

Of course, it goes without saying that it would be best to gloss over this brief description with your best photo.

It doesn’t hurt to invest in a professional photo session either. If you have a photographer friend, better than better.

Take care of the writing and of course, the spelling. If you elaborate a beautiful text and care sure that the receiver receives it muuuch better.


It’s basic, yes, but you mustn’t forget it. In this section you must include your real name, an email address and a telephone number.

If you have an agent, it’s usually the one you enter. Remember to put the one where you can be reached.

You know from experience that sometimes we have to contact you quickly and the best thing is a call on time.


It’s okay for you to make it clear what kind of jobs you accept and what you don’t.

That is to say, you have to explain if you are post sponsored, if you would accept making a video, promotion through social networks, if you work as a graphic designer, if you have an e-shop or if you are a social media consultant.

It is also positive that you add examples of your work.

4. Optional Data


Influencer Tips How To Make A Good And Original Media Kit (And Not Die Trying) (Part II)

Do you offer different banner sizes? Do you have a price list for each size? If so, include the costs per size and where the ads would be displayed.

Also explain if you have a payment policy and how much you charge per post on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or the social network where you also post your updates.

This is data that is not always provided waiting, as usual, the customer’s offer.

However, there are people who include it from the beginning. If so, you have to make sure you send them updated.

Extra information about you and/or your family.

If you are a mother of a family, if you like decoration, what do you like to do in your free time …

It is data that can help the brand when deciding for you when it comes to a collaboration.

Demographic data about your audience

Tell what your audience is like: Percentage of men/females, age, city or country where they come from, their use of social media, whether they are mothers or fathers, the income of your readers, etc… This data can be determinant to be selected.

Brands with which you have collaborated

Don’t forget to include the brands you have collaborated with. The more you contribute, the better.

It says a lot about your seriousness and professionalism when working.

If you still don’t have many, don’t get overwhelmed, step by step you also reach a good port.

Also explain if you have been a brand ambassador for a company and if you are an advocate or brand lover for a firm, this will help the firm when choosing between two people with the same profile to choose the one that shows more passion for their brand.

The press says about me…

Have you ever been interviewed? Has a fashion magazine echoed any action in which you have participated?

If yes, show it in the best possible way. When appearing in the press, the most appropriate thing to do is to specify the date of publication and, of course, the links ?

Success stories

If you have testimonials from clients, influencers agencies or any other professional of the guild, collect them because they will be very helpful.

If colleagues have also said something about you, it’s time to collect it and make it beautiful. These are phrases that say a lot about you and that the recruiter will surely take into account.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words…

And last… but not least, take great care of the images you include in your kit. The more quality they have, the better.

Include screenshots of your home page as well as the sections of your logbook.

If you have equipment, take pictures with it.

Heal also the graphics and logos that you are going to include. Everything has to have a careful image that matches the style of your blog or your personal brand.

And finally, export it to PDF and if you are too busy, upload it to Drive so you can send it and the client can open it more easily. It doesn’t hurt to include it in your blog, even if you don’t put the most personal data in it, such as rates or metrics.

And now it’s up to you to put these tips into practice, but before you finish tell me: How is your media kit? Do you miss some data that should also be included?