Influencer Marketing On Spotify?

Music is inherent to the human being, it is the best content to establish a more direct connection with the users, it goes directly to their feelings and emotions, two of the aspects that generate more engagement with your audience. Influencer Marketing On Spotify?

Spotify has become the best known music platform, offering one of the most comprehensive music collections on the web and making it available to anyone with a free or paid (premium) account.

Influencer Marketing On Spotify

As of January this year, Spotify has over 200 million active users worldwide, of which nearly 100 million have a premium account and over 20 million tracks in its database.

Users can listen to their favorite artists as well as discover new music talent through recommendations from the network.

Its connection to social networks allows you to interact with friends who use the same service, share playlists with your followers on social networks…

In view of this, it would seem interesting to study its possibilities of use in our marketing campaigns.

The millions of users of the platform make it a very relevant option for brands, which can address them by establishing moments of connection with the most attractive content possible, while also offering a more emotional and direct point of view.

1.- The data

According to data from the platform itself:

  • Spotify users spend an average of 148 minutes a day listening to music on the platform.
  • There is no specific connection time, they connect at any time of the day or night.
  • These users share tracks, artists, albums and playlists. 2/3 of this activity goes beyond Spotify and extends to social networks.
  • The mobile is the preferred access device, which means that brands can reach them anytime, anywhere.

2.- Strengths

Presence: reach your users where other brands don’t. Spotify profiles, even more so if they are verified, provide quality visibility in social media, bring you closer to your audience and position you as an opinion leader.

In the company profile you can place links, articles, news, promotions…, as well as publicise your products and services and offer more detailed information about the company.

Diversity: Spotify is not just a platform for a young target, this platform accommodates all music genres and therefore all types of audiences.

Segmentation: In Spotify it is possible to carry out a segmentation based not only on quantitative data (men between 20 and 35 years old from Madrid), but also based on the management of qualitative variables (interests, hobbies…).

Interaction: there are various ways to interact with your audience through the platform, from the possibility of bringing customers to your pages or social networks through banners, to the suggestions of your audience for the creation of lists that cover their musical tastes.

3.- Typical advertising formats

There are many standard advertising formats that brands can use in Spotify:

  • Audio ads: audio wedge, cover image and clickable title.
  • Display ads: mega-banners that are served when the user is interacting with Spotify. They are displayed for 30 seconds.
  • Billboard: works as a screensaver when there is no user activity for a few minutes. When the user returns, the billboard remains for 2 seconds and is then minimized to a clickable mega-banner.
  • Video Takeover: video spot only available for computer.
  • Sponsored Session: exclusive sponsorship of a 30-minute session without ads in exchange for viewing the brand’s video.
  • Home page Takeover: combination of background image with an interactive area covering the Spotify home page with 100% SOV. Users can click on both the background and the interactive area.
  • Advertising Page. Micro-site perfectly integrated into the player. It can contain virtually any content you can display on a website, including videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links, comments…

4.- Beyond typical advertising

In order to connect with your audience, Spotify offers more options than simply including banners, images and ads.

If you’re looking for awareness, engagement and traffic generation to your site, the ideal is the creation of customized playlists or branded playlists.

These are personalized lists that include the brand logo, personalized text and an optional link to your campaign.

Through the creation and management of playlists you can achieve a great interaction with your target audience.

The secret for users to want to interact with your profile and follow you is the quality playlists adapted to different themes and times of day.

5.- Ideas for your Playlist

Influencer Marketing On Spotify

When creating a playlist it is important that you have well defined what your target audience is, what their interests are and, above all, what you can give them and what image you want them to have of you, your company or your products and services.

You can create playlists of any subject:

  • Playlists to commemorate special days. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day… Take advantage of all these events to create playlists that reach the heart of your audience. You can create playlists with the best love songs of all times. Playlists with songs named after women, playlists sung by the best male voices…
  • Seasonal playlists. The weather and special dates influence the type of music we want to listen to. You can create a playlist for each season of the year with the songs that sound best in each season.
  • Event playlists. You can create playlists with the most representative songs of certain events. Such as the songs played at the Oscar ceremony, the songs played most on New Year’s Eve, the songs most used in commercials…
  • Daytime playlists. Another option is to create playlists that accompany your users at different times of their day. Such as to work, singing under the shower, at dusk…

6.- Some examples

As a company, the platform itself highlights the Branded Playlist campaign carried out by BMW.

With the aim of increasing awareness and projection of the BMW 320i, the brand carried out a campaign. Where users selected from five iconic American road routes and according to this selection, a personalized playlist was generated.

The playlist consisted of songs/artists from regions along which the selected route passes.

They showed a BMW video during playlist generation.

You can share the final playlist via social networks.

Finally, as a personal brand, the use of this platform by the president of the United States. Who is quite active in the use of social networks and who, among other things, has created Branded Playlists of the songs that were most heard in his last election campaign. Also the songs that the First Lady uses to train, stands out 🙂.