Ideas For Snapchat: Get The Most Out Of It!

Snapchat is the social network that has half the world crazy. How can we use it in a different and creative way? Here are some different ideas for Snapchat.

Ideas For Snapchat: Get The Most Out Of It!

Many brands decide to include Snapchat in their digital strategies. Their figures are more and more surprising. However, as in all other networks, it is difficult to make a difference and do innovative things.

1. Discount coupons

Surely you are used to creating promotions in other networks such as Facebook, or send promotions via email to your database, but Snapchat offers us a world of new possibilities to generate promos.

For example, you can launch one-day discount coupons

“Just for today a 15% in online purchase with the code ABC45” or “If you capture this Snap and you show it in the store you have 5%”.

In this way, you will be making your followers feel special and have added advantages.

2. Create intrigue about new product launches

Snapchat is a great option if you want to show spoilers of new products or future campaigns.

Small clues can be shown every day until we finally get to the launch time. So did Burberry with one of their spring collections.

In addition, with this formula you can redirect traffic from other networks of the brand you already have more consolidated to Snapchat, as Taco Bell did at the time.

3. Quick contests

Ideas For Snapchat: Get The Most Out Of It!

Due to the dynamism of Snapchat, it is interesting to hold “fleeting contests” with which to increase engagement.

In addition, to explain the dynamics you can create a storytelling with the steps to follow to qualify for the prize.

For example, GrubHub, an American home food company, asked its users to draw a picture of the food and send it to them via Snapchat. The brand chose 10 random winners and sent them a discount coupon for their next order.

Another example that also connects traffic between networks is Sephora. He launched a contest offering a $500 gift card to all those who used Snapchat filters to make up fun and then uploaded that photo to Instagram under the hashtag #SephoraSnapsSweeps.

4. Takeovers

Take… what? A takeover means ceding the space of our Snapchat account to an influencer over a period of time to generate content for us.

For example, if we are talking about a makeup and cosmetics brand, we can create a routine in which every Monday an influencer tries one of the products as a tutorial.

With this type of action, and with the previous diffusion by the influencer, we will be able to redirect all his followers to our Snapchat account. Letting others give their opinion on the products increases our credibility.

Victoria’s Secret often uses this method with their models.

5. Exclusive behind the scenes

Ideas For Snapchat: Get The Most Out Of It!

As users we love to be protagonists, feel special and enjoy advantages.

Therefore, a good and simple use of Snapchat is to give exclusive followers simply for the fact of following us.

For example, if we are going to record an interview with a famous person, we can record all the making of, with exclusive statements of the person.

Or if, for example, we are shooting the next catalogue, we can record the protagonists of the catalogue or even the people from the company involved in the production to create a closer image.

This is how NBA managed to have its fans expectant to follow the MVP awards.


As you can see, Snapchat offers many options to get out of the topics of filters or the pure broadcasting of events. We hope you’ve helped to unleash your creativity.