How You Can Advertise Your Business With Snapchat’s Geo-Filters

In the previous post, we talked about tips which can help you grow your business through Snapchat. Today, We are going to take it a step further and talk about Snapchat’s Geo-filters.

Snapchat has been growing ever so rapidly as a social media platform and that’s not only because of the exciting filters.

It’s also because it provides the opportunity to connect easily with thousands of people. It is therefore the perfect opportunity for businesses to advertise on Snapchat’s Geo-filters.

What are Snapchat’s Geo-filters?

How You Can Advertise Your Business With Snapchat's Geo-Filters

What are Geo-filters, you ask? Well, they’re basically filters that one can add to their image if they are at that particular location.

Several businesses ask their customers to click a picture and post it by using the filter.

Not only is it a great way to bring genuine traffic, but it also gives a great opportunity to interact with the audience.

Of course, like every business strategy, this one needs to be implemented while keeping a ton of factors in mind.

The first and foremost one, being the location. Local businesses can choose a location which anywhere between ten to twenty kilometers of their business.

This gives them a massive reach. The more the people use the filter, the more popular does the business become.

Now, while this is decided, you can quickly get down to creating a filter. It is crucial for a business to make the geo-filter appealing.

It should be engaging and creative at the same time while also being small enough to fit in the tiny frame. Also it should also clearly portray the business and what it stands for.

This way, even if one isn’t familiar with the brand, they can easily know what the brand is. Designing a filter can be troublesome, but snapchat has an extensive guide which guides you through the entire process.

It is better to pay for the filter during the busiest times of the business. If you own a coffee shop, ensure that the time for your filter is the busiest time of the day.

This way, more and more people will be able to use the filter and it will result in you getting more traffic. You can also save a large sum of money this way and get more impressions at the same time. Easy peasy!

What now?

How You Can Advertise Your Business With Snapchat's Geo-FiltersNow, that you have the filter and a handy plan to get started, all you need is an audience who is willing to use the filter.

This is actually the most crucial part of the filter.

You can’t simply ask someone to use your filter without providing them any benefits. The most effective way to get your filter to be used by people is to offer discounts or services in return.

Perhaps, you can offer them a cookie or even a few bucks off of their purchase. This way, the customer would not only be satisfied with the discount, they would also happily encourage others to use the filter as well.

This will tremendously help your brand to reach more and more people. Moreover, this is again a great way to interact with your audience and ensure that they are satisfied with the services you offer. Read our Tips To Grow Your Business Through Snapchat