How To Work With Influencers And Increase Your Brand’s Visibility In 2019

I am convinced that you have heard at some point during the last few months words such as: influencers, prescriber, influencer marketing, among others.

How To Work With Influencers And Increase Your Brand's Visibility In 2019

To tell you more about it, I spoke with a specialist to get the best advice for you to take off your brand and take advantage of this tool to enhance the dissemination, visibility and positioning of your brand.

I leave you in his hands: Taking off article in 3,2,1 Go! ??

Advice on Marketing Strategies with Influencers

Knowing how to develop a good marketing strategy with influencers is fundamental if you decide to ride this wave.

These types of actions have their supporters and detractors, but what is clear is that turning an influencer into a prescriber of your brand is a benefit in the dissemination and knowledge of your brand to reach more people.

And although hiring an influencer is not essential for your business, defining your objectives well and taking your time to develop a good strategy with influencers is essential.

But, let’s Start with the Basics: How do I Choose an Influencer?

How To Work With Influencers And Increase Your Brand's Visibility In 2019

First things first: choose someone related to your brand, your products and, above all, your target audience.

If you sell high-end shoes and your personal buyer is a woman between 25 and 35 years old, there is a wide margin of influencers that you know will not reach the audience you want to impact.

Segment your ideal influence based on your audience, and little by little you will shorten the list: do you want a man or a woman? What age? What kind of content do you want me to publish?

You can also segment according to the type of posts: you can choose someone with lifestyle publication, an artist who shares his work in networks, a sportsman, a booktuber … and a long etcetera.

But I’ll also have to look at his followers, won’t I?

Yes and no. It’s important to look at the followers because that -in principle- will determine their reach and how many people they reach, but there are two KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) more relevant than the number of followers: the reach and the engagement rate.

Reach, as you know, is the number of people – within your followers – that this influencing will impact.

This data is now more important than ever, since the recent changes to the algorithm (especially in Instagram) have caused the range to be reduced notably.

That’s why everyone started to share in their stories the posts of their wall, to show that content in two ways (stories + wall).

Engagement is also relevant because it is a good x-ray of the relationship of this influence with its audience.

A good engagement rate will show that this influencer receives comments and likes from the people who follow him: that is, that his audience is interested in what he shares.

In addition, we bring up again the algorithm because precisely the way you see in the wall content that interests you is by interacting, giving like and commenting.

In this way Instagram defines what type of content is of your interest and shows it to you more frequently.

So yes, followers are important but, as you can see, they are not everything.

What followers do is determine the “size” of that influence.

Are we Talking About “Big Influencers” then?

How To Work With Influencers And Increase Your Brand's Visibility In 2019

There is also no official definition of these issues, but at SwipeTown we have developed this classification that helps us classify influencers according to their followers:

  • Microinfluencer: Between 10,000 and 15,000 followers, and less.
  • Influencer: From 20,000 followers and up.
  • Macroinfluencer: From 200,000 followers and up.

Obviously, this classification is very widespread and should not be taken literally.

Keep in mind that depending on the type of influence these figures can vary: 200,000 followers in a humor account is a very good figure, while for a fashion account is not so surprising.

And let’s bear in mind, moreover, that celebrities also come into the game, both people who for their media work have amassed a good base of followers (Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber) or people with so many followers who have reached this category (PewDiePie, ElRubiusOMG, Fernanfloo …).

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. And the price?

Defining how much an influencer post is worth is always a complicated subject that generates a good headache for both parties.

The brand has a fixed budget that wants to maximize, so everything will seem little.

And let’s bear in mind that influencing doesn’t stop putting value on itself, on its personal account.

It is difficult to assess how much your work is worth, especially if it is going to be associated with your personal image.

The price depends on a thousand factors: type of influence, followers, interest in the brand, possibility of future collaborations, etc.

How To Work With Influencers And Increase Your Brand's Visibility In 2019

Our advice? Define well the budget to invest, ask him when influencing its price… and don’t argue. If it fits you, great! And if not, it is advisable to look for another influence with which we can adjust that price.

Discussing whether a post is worth more or less is usually a waste of time.

We want to emphasize that an influencing strategy is not necessary for a digital marketing strategy, but it is one of the tools you can use to achieve your goals.

Have you worked with influencers before? Tell us in a comment!

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