How To Use YouTube Live?

Increasingly, we devote more time to spontaneous visual content, which does not require a large production and allows for authentic and direct interaction. How To Use YouTube Live?

Examples of this are ephemeral stories and live videos, which can be found on various platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

This trend represents a great opportunity for brands of all sizes that want to make valuable connections with their audience.

It is also a valuable tool for promoting our personal brand. It also allows you to position yourself without having to make large investments.

That’s why today we’re telling you everything you need to know to start streaming live video using YouTube Live. How To Use YouTube Live? So lights, camera and… action!

What is YouTube Live?

How To Use YouTube Live

YouTube Live is a YouTube feature that allows you to stream live videos, just like Facebook Live, Periscope and Livestream.

These videos can be viewed directly on the channel of the user who is streaming them.

They have a chat that also allows interaction with the people connected at that moment.

And if the user decides, he can have the video saved after the transmission so that others can watch it later.

Some examples of what you can do with this format

  • Question and answer sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • Events
  • “Behind the scenes”
  • …Or anything else your imagination desires

How to broadcast a video with YouTube Live?

Before you start, you need:

  • Have a verified channel on YouTube.
  • Login to Creator Studio Tools from your computer and click “Live Stream” and then “Start” to enable this feature.
  • You can also log in from the app on your mobile device to “Create a Live Stream”.
  • Set the live broadcast encoder.

Other elements to consider before you start:

  • Tripod or selfie stick to stabilize the image.
  • Microphone: if necessary, for the best possible sound.
  • Camera: it doesn’t have to be professional, but make sure the image is of good quality.
  • Stable Internet connection: you don’t want the video to be interrupted, do you?
  • If you are on your mobile phone: battery of at least 1% for every minute of duration.
  • Work team: people who help you during the transmission, either in the technical aspects or to manage the chat.
  • Space where you are going to record: try not to make it too noisy.
  • Semi-structured script to guide you during the transmission (very important)

Steps to broadcast using YouTube Live:

You have two options: start streaming now or schedule an event for a specific day and time. If you want to alert your followers to watch you, it’s best to schedule the broadcast in advance and invite them.

  1. Fill in the basic information: title, description, category, thumbnail.
  2. If you are going to schedule the broadcast, the time and date.
  3. Choose who can watch your video:

Public: Everyone can see it.

Private: Only the people you invite to participate can see it.

Hidden: only people with the link can see it. You can use this mode to practice.

  1. If you want the video to disappear after the transmission, select the option “Mark file as hidden when finished”. Otherwise, the video will appear on your channel at the end of the broadcast so that others can watch it (recommended).
  2. Start broadcasting! Use the chat to interact with your live followers. Remember that you also have access to real-time analytics.

Things you can do on YouTube Live

  • Make blacklists of keywords, i.e. words that you don’t want to appear in the chat.
  • Enable slow mode, so that chat comments come in slower and you have more time to respond.
  • Enable the 30-second or 69-second broadcast delay.
  • View analytics during and after the broadcast. These will tell you what the most and least successful times were, number of viewers, if they stayed the whole time, what kind of people saw you (demographics), etc.
  • Monetize. Yes, you can also allow advertisements in your live videos and make money that way.
  • Make money with the Super Chat. It consists of paid comments that are highlighted in the chat. You can take advantage of it by giving a special greeting to those who send super chats or giving them some kind of recognition.

How To Use YouTube Live

Recommendations for using YouTube Live:

  • Think about whether live video is the right format for what you want to do. Remember that the theme must be striking enough for your followers to “program” themselves to watch it.
  • Schedule your broadcast at least 48 hours in advance so that your followers have time to attend.
  • Invite them to your broadcast through social networks, email, etc. Send notifications before and during the event so no one misses it.
  • Broadcast with consistency. If the theme calls for it, you can make a kind of “TV show” through YouTube that your followers expect. You can do this once a week.
  • Establish a script to guide you while you broadcast.
  • Practice with a hidden video before you start broadcasting your video.
  • Ask someone to help moderate the chat so you can get on with the broadcast. Interact with your live followers and make them feel special.
  • Keep that interaction going throughout the video. If you see your followers leave, get bored or don’t interact as much, ask them a question to revive their interest and get them back in the conversation.
  • Generate anticipation. Tell them you’re going to reveal a surprise later, or do something that will keep them looking forward to the video.
  • Use trivia and quizzes to keep your viewers engaged.
  • Give an incentive, such as exclusive material, or do a giveaway.


I hope you have an excellent experience broadcasting on YouTube live. See you in a future broadcast, hopefully with no COVID-19!