How To Publish And Schedule Posts To Instagram From Facebook Creator Studio

Attention Community Managers and Influencers because this news may change forever the way you are managing your social networks. Specifically, the way in which content is programmed in Instagram and IGTV.

Facebook finally satisfies the demand of many Community Managers

Until now, it was necessary to resort to third-party tools to achieve content programming in Instagram, but Facebook has just implemented the possibility of doing so natively, through Facebook Creator Studio.

The company is thus responding to the demand of many Instagram account managers who requested the possibility of programming content on the social network.

To be able to program contents in Instagram -and also in IGTV- through Facebook Creator Studio it is only necessary to enter it, through Facebook. Already on the home page is a warning sign like this, which indicates the possibility of testing the programming of content:

How To Publish And Schedule Posts To Instagram From Facebook Creator Studio

How to Schedule contents in Instagram

In order to do this, it is necessary to link the Instagram account -warning, it must be a business profile- with Facebook Creator Studio.

If you don’t have a link, doing so is as easy as logging in with the credentials of the social photo network and allowing Facebook access.

This will give all administrators of the Facebook Business Page access to the administration of the Instagram account, this aspect should not be left out for security reasons.

If not desired, you can adjust the Page settings so that not everyone has access.

Once this is done, all you have to do is select “New Publication”, the button located in the upper right corner of the screen and choose if you want to publish new content in the Instagram feed or in IGTV.

By doing so, you will access a screen where you can upload the photo or video in question, choose the text (which may include up to 30 mentions and 30 hashtags) and by clicking on publish you can select whether to do so at that time or schedule the publication, a piece of cake right?