How To Monetize An Instagram Profile (Part II)

In the previous post we spoke about:

  1. Start building a solid community of followers.
  2. Share quality images.
  3. The ads will help you generate income.

4.- Instagram hashtags stories and location stories

How To Monetize An Instagram Profile (Part II)

One of the best alternatives for creating ads is to use Instagram stories.

In fact, you’d be surprised how many people make use of this app to find local businesses.

Countless company stories are created on a daily basis and users soon find them. Best of all, they unconsciously push sales.

Instagram stories location will show you how to monetize an Instagram profile through simple videos and photos.

In fact, it is one of the star tools of restaurants, shops and other types of local businesses that have a great impact on the leisure sector.

Until now other applications were used to find where to eat or dine but the Instagram stories are changing the rules of the game.

5. Links are vital

You won’t understand how to monetize an Instagram profile until you understand the power of links in any digital marketing strategy. Even in Instagram. That’s why they can’t be missing in these places:

  • Always include a link in your profile description. In it you can direct your followers to a specific landing page, to a blog post or to a Youtube video, but it can never be missing.
  • Links in the stories. It’s very simple. You will direct traffic to your website, blog or landing page. But as a recommendation, you should know that not everyone knows where that link takes them, so you should always communicate exactly what you want the audience to do.

6. Instagram Shopping

The platform teaches you how to monetize an Instagram profile in the most convenient way possible, with Instagram Shopping.

This tool will help you to label the articles of each of your posts. In this way you will get users, simply by clicking on those tags, to reach landing pages for sale.

In fact, for the user the appearance of these tags is as you can see in the image.

But in addition to the tagged product publications that appear in your followers’ feeds, Instagram users will also have the opportunity to export the “purchase” feed directly from their own profile.

7. Influencer marketing and sponsored publications

If there is anyone who knows how to monetize an Instagram profile, those are the influencers.

Normally, brands bet on influencers to get more visibility and reach new audiences with their content.

But what is really interesting here is to know how to find the right profile that shares your philosophy and also has a community behind you that you really want to conquer.

  • If you are an editor (a brand, influence, micro-influencer, etc.), you should know that we have more than 2,000 registered advertisers. Including many of the leading brands in the main sectors of activity.
  • And if you are an advertiser and want to find the perfect influence to help you learn how to monetize an Instagram profile, take note. We have more than 10,000 publishers available to create the highest quality content on Instagram, blogs and different networks.

8. For this, you will need a professional page

How to monetize an Instagram profile largely involves knowing how to analyse the data and statistics of your contents, advertisements and promotions.

Only then will you be able to measure your performance, know where to put more emphasis, what aspects to improve and how to impact your audience more to get monetize your content.

However, if there is one type of strategy that has become popular in recent times are campaigns with influencers.

Why? Among others, due to the fact that nowadays social networks make it possible for almost anyone to become popular.

Especially if you know how to optimize your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profiles.