How To Create Persuasive Content On Social Networks (Part II)

In the previous post we spoke about:

How To Create Persuasive Content On Social Networks (Part II)

  1. How to create persuasive content
  2. Persuade through copywriting
  3. Keys to seduce with your copies
    • Write for your target audience
    • Original content adapted to each social network.
    • Focus on the title.
  4. Other tips and tricks for your copies
    • Use lists and quote statistical data: lists are the most attractive.
    • Use calls to action
    • Create a sense of scarcity and exclusivity
    • Appeal to emotions
    • Go to the user.
    • Use the so-called words of power.
    • Include emoticons.
    • Use hashtags

5. How to write persuasive content for each social network

Each social network has specific characteristics, as well as a different audience and hours of use.

Therefore, as we have seen before, you should not publish identical messages on each platform. These are some guidelines to adapt your copies to each of them:


Facebook continues to be the social network par excellence, the one that concentrates the greatest number of users, mostly an adult audience.

41% are between 31 and 45 years old. 39% of its users are millenials and 54% belong to older generations.

With it you will be able to reach a wide public.

Although the character limit is 63,206 characters, if you’re looking for persuasive content, focus on short copies.

If your users wanted to read long text, they would go to your blog.

Remember that it’s about creating persuasive content, not about the user running away from a real “brick”.

Allow users to leave comments. Ask questions: Has it ever happened to you, tell us which is your favorite…


How To Create Persuasive Content On Social Networks (Part II)

The social network of the little bird is perfect if you generate a very specialized content.

For example, it usually works very well for marketing or media platforms. Keep in mind that 42% of its users are millenials.

You have 280 characters, but remember that a title with 65 characters is ideal to capture the interest of the user.

Don’t forget to include hashtags in your publications. Two is the most appropriate.


Bet on this network if you have a B2B business. It has a professional audience, with an average age of 39.8 years. Therefore, you will have to take care of your copies by giving them a more formal tone.

It is a good platform to generate debate. Accompany your copies of questions to encourage interaction.


It is a social network in constant growth and the platform that has most increased the frequency of visits. Incline for it if your audience is young (40% of users are between 16 and 30 years old) and you have a very visual brand.

Given that Instagram is conceived as a social network in which to share images and videos, it limits the extension of your copies as much as possible.

Also, keep in mind that the platform itself shortens the text displayed, so the user will have to display it to see more.

Another key to copywriting, to get a persuasive content, is to include hashtags (do not exceed 10), mentions and calls to action.

6. Why your brand should be on social networks

How To Create Persuasive Content On Social Networks (Part II)

If, after everything we’ve told you in this mini-guide to create persuasive content on social networks, you’re still not convinced why bet on these platforms for your brand or business, we’ll give you a boost with the data from a recent study on Social Networks:

  • 81% of social network users declare themselves fans/brand followers.
  • 8 out of 10 users follow brands through Social Networks and 39% of them declare to do it with intensity.
  • 57% of the users declare to do previous searches in social networks about products or services before making a purchase.

With this data, it is not unreasonable to think that among those users could be potential customers of your brand or business.

Keep in mind that these strategies and tips on how to create persuasive content are not going to transform your click rates, openings or engagement overnight.

How To Create Persuasive Content On Social Networks (Part II)

It is a question of introducing changes, always bearing in mind that knowing the desires and needs of your target audience will make it much easier to connect with them.

Now that you know the keys to create persuasive content in your networks that sells, all you have to do is get down to work.

Were you already applying a strategy? Which strategy do you think works best? Share your experience with our community by leaving a comment below. Thanks!