How To Create An Effective ChatBot On Facebook (Part II)

In the previous post we spoke about:

  • What is a Facebook BOT?
  • What are BOTs for? Main advantages
  • Facebook BOT features
  • Tools to create Facebook BOTs
  • Mini dictionary of terms related to Facebook BOTs

6. How to create a Facebook BOT

The reality is that BOTs can be basic or advanced.

There are companies that delegate the creation of BOTs to their programmers to connect their platforms and do very advanced things.

The creation of a BOT depends on how far you are willing to go.

A single post would be very complicated to explain all the necessary steps for your BOT to be working at 100% and have no failures.

In addition to each BOT creation tool works differently. They even use different terms to say the same thing.

Still, I’d like to go over with you what you’ll need to create a BOT step by step.

If you follow these instructions you will have the boot plan to start configuring your BOT.

  • Sign up for a BOT creation tool such as Chatfuel or Manychat.
  • Confirm the access of this new tool with your fan page. I recommend you to use a test fan page at the beginning to avoid problems with your official site.
  • Configure the basic part of your tool to create the BOT:
    • Administrators of your BOT
    • Bot language
    • Main Menu
    • Pre-determined response message
  • Then I recommend you to design a strategy for your welcome message, this will be the first thing users will see when they open a chat on your fan page and is the basis of any Facebook BOT. For this message I recommend you:
    • Give 2 or 3 different paths to users who speak to you for the first time
    • Activate responses to each of the paths
  • Then I recommend you to create the sequences or strategy of contents that you will be publishing to cultivate the relationship with your subscribers to the BOT.
  • Finally, I recommend you to do tests to see that everything works. TIP: If you delete the conversation with your fan page, the welcome messages will be reactivated ?

7. When to use Facebook BOTs

Yes, after reading this guide you want to create a BOT but doubts about the effectiveness it could have for your business continue reading my questions.

If you respond positively to more than 3 then it is worth implementing a BOT strategy with your business.

  • Do you receive the same support messages through Facebook Messenger?
  • When you are selling your products and services through Facebook Ads always ask you the same thing in the comments of your ads?
  • Do you use a CHAT system on your website?
  • Do you do Email Marketing campaigns but feel that it is not the preferred channel of your audience?
  • You have a lot of interactions on your fan page but your website has hardly any visitors.