How To Create A Blog

I know… There are many tutorials on how to create a blog, but… they keep asking us every day how to do it well. How To Create A Blog?

How To Create A Blog

Here is a complete guide, from scratch and step by step.

In this guide I have included absolutely everything you need to know, from A to Z, to set up a good blog as things should be done today.

On the other hand, this guide is a key document in this blog and, therefore, is in constant improvement and update. For that, your feedback of doubts, things you miss, etc., will be enormously useful and more than welcome. You can send it to me through the comments. 🙂

What will you find here?

What do you prefer, to create a quick blog or to create it well?
Wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional to do my blog?
How To Create A Blog
1. Think carefully about which niche(s) you want to position yourself.
2. Choose a name for the blog and your domain
3. What is the best platform for your blog in?
Create a blog and set it up
4. Buy and configure the domain
5. How to create a blog on
6. Contract hosting (only for
7. How to create a blog with
8. Configuring Permanent Links
9. General blog settings
10. Choose an initial WordPress theme
11. Create a logo
How to make the first contents for your blog
12. Create a basic page structure
13. Create your first posts
14. Diffusion to death of your contents
Create an improved blog
15. Learn how to install, update and delete plugins
16. Install the minimum necessary plugins in
17. Create button boards to share your content and follow you on social networks.
18. Improve your RSS feed
19. Create a list of subscribers by mail
20. Monitor your blog
Create a professional blog and become a top blogger.
21. How to write good content
22. Content strategy + SEO
23. Skills you will need to acquire to lead your blog to success
24. How to create a professional blog and make money with it

What do you prefer, create a quick blog or create it well?

Nowadays, creating a blog is easy because you have different options to choose from:

The fast track with cloud platforms: WordPress (.com version), Blogger, Wix, etc. But they are very limited solutions, even more so in their free plans. They are fine for projects like a simple hobby blog or a blog to try. And, of course, I discourage them for blogs with professional intentions.

The “good” way: this would be with its own hosting. There is a small initial effort in the installation, but in return you get a professional result with enormous potential and flexibility. You can do whatever you want. In this case it is very important to choose a good hosting.

The hosting providers I recommend are SiteGround and Raiola Networks.

As a very cheap hosting option I have had relatively good experiences with Hostgator. On the link you will find the details (price, plans, etc.).

In any case, we will see both options, you choose which one is for you.

You also have two options to use this guide:

If you want to use this guide to create a blog in 5 minutes, you can do it, just go to the blog creation section, execute step 5 that you can see in the table of contents above and you will have your blog up and running.

Creating a blog in 5 minutes is perfect if you have little time, you are in a hurry to start, you do not want to complicate your life at the moment and want to see some first results right now.

Now, in the medium term, I strongly recommend you do not stay there.

Believe me if I tell you that if that’s the maximum effort you’re willing to invest, your blog project won’t get very far.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional to do my blog?

How To Create A Blog

As I said before, in this post you find everything you need to create your blog. But if you have doubts about whether it’s worth doing it yourself, my recommendation is simply that you keep reading. Form with it a more precise idea of what the creation of a blog consists of and with that in your hand you will see it much clearer.

Many people have asked us about a blog creation service, so we ended up creating it. If in the end you decide you don’t want to do it yourself, we can also help you hire a professional you can trust among our collaborators through our service platform.

How To Create A Blog

With cloud platforms like or Blogger, nowadays, creating a blog is no mystery, it is tremendously easy to create a blog completely free and in less than 5 minutes. But creating a blog that works is not a technical issue (this is only the medium), but a matter of strategy and vision. It doesn’t make sense to start a blog without setting a plan.

Understand me: no one has 100% clear ideas at the beginning. But the message I want to convey to you is to think from day one about what your vision and objectives are for your blog.

From then on nothing happens by going for a few months a little stumbling, experimenting, etc.. It’s normal, it’s even good if you make the most of it. But after a while you have to set that vision of your project, along with specific objectives.

Not to do it means to invest many hours of effort in the blog that does not go anywhere and will not give results, for that reason the great majority of the beginners bloggers abandon it, or they begin to realize after many months of the time and effort that they have lost for not meditating a series of vital decisions before beginning to work in their blog.

They have made the mistake of not working rigorously on the vision of their project and have been stumbling all the time until abandoning pro frustration and boredom in the absence of results.

So trust me: don’t make that mistake and do your homework before creating the blog.

Let’s see how it’s done then, continue reading at: How To Create A Blog (Part II)