How To Create A Blog (Part XI)

It continues from How To Create A Blog (Part X). Now lets continue and finish with How To Create A Blog (Part XI).

How To Create A Blog (Part XI)

23. Skills you will need to acquire to lead your blog to success

How To Create A Blog (Part XI)

If you thought the job was over here, I’m sorry to disappoint you…

Have you implemented all of the above, or at least most of them? Well, you’ve already come a long way, no doubt.

What’s more, the pillars of your project are in place.

But you still have skills to acquire (if you don’t already have them, which can be, of course).

These skills will be, in my opinion, the ones that really make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful blog.

24. How to create a professional blog and make money with it

Naturally I can not conclude this post without touching on a vital subject for many bloggers.

Both those who are starting and want to guide it professionally. And veterans who have created a blog as a simple hobby activity.

But, before the success of their project wonder how they can make it profitable economically.

Whichever formula you choose to monetize your blog, it will involve your readers taking some kind of action.

That’s why, apart from SEO and copy writing that we saw before, another topic that you should learn to master as soon as possible is how to achieve good conversion rates.


In this post-guide, which in the end has become practically a mini-blogging and WordPress course, you have all the information you need to create a blog with everything important.

Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s a lot of work, true, but nothing you can’t face with a bit of organization, patience and working without haste, but without pause.

Now, I assure you that if you follow the steps of this post and the posts linked to deepen the details you will not just have a well set up blog, you will have a professional level blog.

How To Create A Blog (Part XI)

How To Create A Blog (Part XI)

And to finish I would like to insist that it is an essential objective of this guide that everyone, with any level of knowledge, is able to create their blog without getting lost.

I would like that absolutely nobody gets lost. At the same time you not only know how to create the blog. But that you go much further acquiring a vision and solid knowledge bases in what comes next.

This being so, I want to ask you a favor: if you detect a fringe, anything that can be improved (there will be many), whatever you consider worth commenting, please help me with your feedback in the comments.

With this you will help me to improve this guide a little bit more and both the readers and myself will thank you very much 🙂