How To Come Up With Ideas For YouTube Videos

People don’t realize that a lot of effort goes into YouTube Videos. It’s not just the videos that require a lot of work, it’s the thought that goes into making these videos that is the most daunting part.

There are times when YouTubers are stuck in a phase where they just can’t come up with ideas for YouTube Videos.

So, if you’re someone who is out of ideas and desperately needs some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of interesting ideas which can be used for your next video!

Introductory Video

If you haven’t introduced yourself to the entire world, what are you still doing here?

Go ahead, take your camera and tell your audience about you and why you created this channel.

Chances are that a majority of people would be more interested in knowing about the person who runs the channel.

Shoot that video right away. Always be open to constructive criticism and ask your viewers if there’s anything you can do to improve.

Behind the Scenes

How To Come Up With Ideas For YouTube Videos

A behind-the-scenes video is the most interactive and fun one to shoot.

Recently, “Tasty” started filming these videos and people started to know more about who works at their studio.

Furthermore, you can include funny bloopers or show your filming setup to your audience.

These videos will definitely allow your viewers to form a healthy bond with you.

Reacting Videos

Everyone loves watching YouTubers react to different videos. You can film a video where you react to a song which you’ve never heard before or react to a game that you’ve never played before – the choices are truly endless. There is a lot you can do.

General Knowledge Videos

You can film videos where you talk about conspiracy theories or scientific facts.

You can talk about events which are happening in your vicinity or even share the experience of a recent concert that you attended.

You can even make a video about your childhood stories and things that have inspired you to be who you are.


You can make a video where you create fun and cool things at home.

These videos are particularly popular among young viewers and teenagers.

You can open up a whole new demographic just by creating these videos.

Also, you can test out tips and tricks that other videos have shared.

This way, you can share knowledge and benefit others from it too.

Take up Challenges

How To Come Up With Ideas For YouTube Videos

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? You can film videos where you take up challenges. You can invite other YouTubers to do these challenges with you as well.

Some of the most popular challenges in the past include the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, the “Chubby Bunny Challenge” apart from several others.

If you own a Makeup Channel, you can ask a complete beginner to do your makeup.

Or better, you can ask your loved ones such as your Boyfriend, your family, your friends to do the same.

You can even review a popular product or a website that you like.