How To Become A Successful Influencer

“The influencers”, that buzzword that defines a person who brings a certain credibility on a subject and that by its influence on social networks can become an important part for a brand. But… is everyone really capable of being a good influencer?

How To Become A Successful Influencer

Here are 10 tips to be a better influencer, more credible to your community and also to the brands that surround you.

Tips to be a good influencer

1. Master ONE topic

It is clear that you cannot be an influencer on everything. That’s why you should stick to a topic and exploit what’s best for you.

For example, the term lifestyle is very much in the limelight today, but it’s too broad. In general, lifestyle influencers are fashionable, but from time to time they touch on other subjects of which they have less knowledge, such as travelers or health.

What we have to do is stick to talking about the topic we know the most about. You shouldn’t try to talk a little about everything, as this undermines credibility in the eyes of brands.

2. Be honest with agencies and brands

It is much better to have fewer followers and faithful, creating an engagement with them, than to have thousands of followers and not “take care of them” or who have false profiles. The latter is very detrimental to the image of influencer.

3. Write perfectly

Not all influencers or bloggers check their texts before uploading them to the networks. Keep in mind that popularity is not just an image. A good influencer must know how to write correctly what he wants to convey to his community and brands.

4. Honesty with your followers

Followers are interested in knowing when an influencer they follow is recommending a product with advertising intentions or not. If covert advertising is discovered, it will create a certain sense of rejection and deception in the follower.

5. Involvement

How To Become A Successful Influencer

A good influencer must always remain involved, both with the community and with the brands, thus creating a powerful engagement with both parties.

6. Quality photographs

A self-respecting influencer has to invest time in taking good photographs and editing them, as the level of demand on the networks increases every day.

Therefore, you have to take meticulous care of the Instagram gallery giving it a certain harmony.

If what you have is a blog, hang those photographs that have a good quality and that you believe that contribute an added value. Say yes to quality and no to quantity.

7. Social skills

You have to show sympathy and empathy for your colleagues and always cultivate friendship with them. Many influencers work collaboratively and create real friendships.

8. Be original

How To Become A Successful Influencer

In order to be a good influencer it is recommended that you have a personal stamp. This can be distilled in the way of writing, in the style of photographs, or in a certain way when addressing followers.

9. Constancy

A good influencer is a content creator. To always stay in the “top of mind” of the community and brands has to maintain a steady pace in their publications, thus generating a strong bond with followers.

10. Be eager

Being a good influencer is not easy. Not giving up, being willing to put up with “stress” and your mobile ringing all the time are details you have to count on when you decide to become an influencer. That is to say, you have to have a lot of desire.