How To Activate The Famous Swipe Up On Instagram

In this simple tutorial I will explain step by step what you need to do in 2019 to activate the famous swipe up in your stories for Instagram.

How To Activate The Famous Swipe Up In Instagram

After analyzing how Instagram works and the possibilities it offers for content creators, I realized that the easiest way to achieve the famous “Swipe Up” with which to add links in publications or stories is to meet these 2 requirements:

  1. Having a business account
  2. Have more than 10,000 followers

If you don’t do these two things, don’t worry, I’ll explain step by step how to do it.

Requirement 1. Convert your profile to a business profile

It is likely that the blue message you see below has appeared to you, is the Instagram itself suggesting that you activate the business profile in your Instagram.

It is very common if your Instagram is a business, a restaurant, or similar.

It could also appear if you are a simple blogger or an influencer.

If you get this message, it’s very simple, just follow the steps and convert your account to Business.

In the process you’ll probably be asked to synchronize with your Facebook profile, just click everything yes and follow the steps.

If this blue message does not appear, the steps are similar. From the application go to “Settings”:

And from there look for the “Change to business profile” option.

Now you only have to follow the steps that Instagram tells you, including syncing with Facebook.

In some countries you may not have the option to “Switch to business Profile”.

If you don’t get this option you will have to update your Instagram application and install on your mobile a VPN application and put United States as location, this way you can see the settings.

Once you have accepted everything, your account will be a business account.

Here you can see the differences between a personal account and a business account.

In the business account you can better manage advertising, brands and you can even convert your account back to personal:

Requirement 2. Have more than 10,000 followers

How To Activate The Famous Swipe Up In Instagram

Just like that. If your business account now has no more than 10,000 followers, you will not have the option to add links in the stories, and you will have to continue saying: “Link in the bio” and be continually editing your bio to add the link you want to share.

How to reach the 10,000 followers? Simple. You can achieve them organically by working a lot on your profile, daily, little by little…

Once you have a business account and more than 10,000 followers, you will see that when you go to do an Instagram story a link will appear that will allow you to add links in your publications.

If you add to this a little hand up so that people see that storie carries a link: traffic and revenue are assured.