How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

This question has probably popped up in everyone’s mind every now and then. When you scroll through your Instagram feed, You’ve probably seen posts of Influencers promoting a product or a service. And you’ve probably thought that they’re making a fair amount of money just by posting a product. Well, to put it honestly, Yes. Instagram Influencers earn a decent amount of money by promoting products. From celebrities to entrepreneurs, everybody is trying to build a brand out of themselves.

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make

Instagram is a massive platform where brands can grow at a lightening-fast pace. The easy interaction with their customers makes it absolutely crucial for every brand to be on Instagram. And rightly so, Influencers are their counterpart.

Instagram Influencers are simply, social media users who have an appealing online presence. Their posts “influence” others into trying out the specific products and services which is why they are sought-after.

Reviews and Social Media mentions drive thousands of orders and result in the audience turning into faithful customers who are genuinely interested in the product. It is clearly a lot more effective than articles, particularly because influencers have a wider reach and not everyone would like to read a detailed article instead of looking at an Instagram post. Moreover, these posts are a lot cheaper than display advertisements and lead to a considerable amount of conversions.

It truly matters that the Influencer has a massive amount of followers, as it makes a significant amount of difference. Mostly, a brand must look for influencers in the same niche. Influencers on the other hand can make from zero to thousands of bucks, depending upon their outreach. Usually, Influencers who have more than a thousand followers on Instagram are given consideration for marketing. The price they get paid increases as the number of followers increase.

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make

An Instagram influencer with 1000 followers may get paid 20$ for a single post while an Influencer with double the followers gets double the money. Influencers also get freebies in return of Instagram stories and posts. This kind of barter system is also promoted by bloggers who want to increase their presence on the platform.

There are prominent celebrities as well, who charge as much as 50,000$ for a single post. This amount is justified as they have a large number of followers and a high outreach. Prominent clothing and footwear brands pay Influencers with a solid followership to simply upload a picture of their apparel. Keeping that in mind, it can be rightly said that Influencers can bag huge endorsements.

Another reason why Instagram Influencers earn so much is because it is a vast platform and they give you direct access to their audience. Some Influencers might even get a referral code through which, they get paid a percentage of the total amount for every referral. Brands also look out for uniqueness and creativity. Influencers which unique posts and engaging content attract more viewers as compared to those who have similar posts throughout.