How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Affect You?

Those who have been using Instagram for a while would know that Instagram is not the way it used to be. Over the past few years, it has revamped its look and rolled out exciting features. How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Affect You?

How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Affect You?

Previously, all you could do was upload pictures, but now you can upload videos, boomerangs, stories and other interactive content such as polls and questions.

Brands, and even some influencers used to take over the explore page just by paying a few bucks and buying likes.

Yep, buying likes is actually cheaper than buying a burger.

And keeping that in mind, Instagram decided to make it difficult for brands and influencers do follow the same technique.

To cater to the issue of spam accounts outshining accounts that are truly putting in the efforts, Instagram changed the way posts appear on your feeds.

This way, accounts which have real engagement and offer interesting and creative content will be shown on the feed. Instagram shows the top posts, which are similar to the content you like and your frequency of using the app.

How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Affect You?

This new update is actually really beneficial for new accounts who are trying to post high-quality content and aren’t able to make it to the Explore Page.

This algorithm also highly impacts bloggers and other influencers who have high-quality content and a bunch of likes.

A lot of them have been complaining that people who are genuinely interested in their content aren’t able to see their content as their posts never show up on their feeds.

This is actually quite frustrating as some content creators spend hours on an end on their content.

In order to ensure that the algorithm works in your favor, make sure that your content is filtered.

Only upload posts which you think are relevant and truly showcase your best work.

How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Affect You?

How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Affect You?

The best way to get real engagement is to determine who your real audience is.

Try making your posts as engaging as possible.

Focus on the specific topics and try to keep your posts consistent as well as unique.

Having a theme or a color palette is tremendously helpful as well.

Work harder and harder on the post description too. Ensure that it is free of any grammatical errors.

The new and updated algorithm cannot be manipulated. So, if you’re trying to find quick hacks and easy methods to help you gain real engagement, consider putting this option off the table.

Put out amazing content which excites the viewers. Think of it this way: Any post could be the first one that a viewer sees. If it’s a bad one, that is how your persona will be showcased for others.

A post should be engaging enough to keep the viewer hooked! Use the statistics that Instagram offers, to find out which posts are performing well compared to others.

You’ll be able to find out what the audience likes and how appealing your content is to others. Using these tactics, you’ll be able to reach out to the right audience without any trouble.