How Do I Know Who Is Not Following Me On Instagram?

I’m sure you’ve ever asked yourself the following question: How do I know who is not following me on Instagram? And the truth is that Instagram has become an essential social network for many brands and professionals because it allows us to bring our brand closer to our audience and to convey our more personal and human aspect.

How Do I Know Who Is Not Following Me On Instagram

Not long ago Instagram made a change in its algorithm, specifically in its API that connects with third-party tools that prevented access to these data and the fact of knowing who does not follow me on Instagram, ie, see which are our recent unfollows.

How to manage unfollows on Instagram?

You must establish a strategy of what to do with the people who stop following you on Instagram, i.e. they are no longer interested in seeing your timeline and your publications.

There are 2 ways of acting:

  1. Stop following these recent unfollows.
  2. Do nothing.

What would you do today if 5 of your friends no longer follow you on Instagram?

We must not go crazy and we must take this data with the most naturalness in the world and we must always understand with things that happen to all brands in this social network.

How to get followers on Instagram

A little while ago I published some tips to get followers on Instagram, which I’m sure you will find be very useful, as well as the importance of knowing the hashtags most used on Instagram, as they will help you to achieve a bigger engagement and better results in this social network.

5 Tools to know who doesn’t follow me on Instagram


A very complete tool to see a complete statistics of our work on Instagram, and with which we will be able to see the people who do not follow us on Instagram.

In very easy to create the account and its use is very intuitive.
You will be able to see which are your publications that more I like and comments have had.

You will be able to see the best hours and days of publication of each week.
Which are the hashtags that best results are giving you.


How Do I Know Who Is Not Following Me On Instagram

A very complete tool with which we can easily see who stops following me on Instagram over time, the only bad thing is that the free version does not allow and we will have to hire a payment plan to access this functionality.

The free version allows us access to very limited information, but we can create 20 lists of allowed or black lists.

The paid version eliminates the daily limits and allows us to hide the already followed ones.


My favorite tool to see who doesn’t follow me on Instagram and Twitter, very easy to use and very intuitive.

  • You will have access to recent unfollows.
  • You will know who doesn’t return the follow.
  • You will have access to inactive users.


Complete social network management suite where you will have a complete statistical report of your social audience and you will be able to grow faster.

It has a quite limited free version and a paid version.


Tool with which you can know who does not follow you on Instagram, which unlike the previous ones I would like to emphasize that you can stop following them automatically and in a single click.

At first it may be a little bit difficult to configure, but as soon as you get it you’ll see that it’s easy to use.

5 mobile apps to know who doesn’t follow me on Instagram

How Do I Know Who Is Not Following Me On Instagram

Followers Pro for Instagram for iPhone

It has a free version and a paid version, in both we will have access to statistics of who stops following us on Instagram.

The paid option allows us access to more complete statistics about our post and our audience.

Iconosquare for iOS and Android

Complete tool to keep a perfect track of your profile and your growth on Instagram.

You can use this app in both IOS and Android.

The free version is quite limited if you want to see its full potential you will have to go to the payment option.

Followers Insight

App that you can use in both IOS and Android to help you keep track of your Instagram account.

  • Access to won and lost followers.
  • Access to unfollow or accounts that do not follow you.
  • Discover spammer users.

Unfollowers for Instagram for Android

This app gives you access to a complete analysis of your Instagram account and you will have access to things like:

  • People who recently stopped following you.
  • People you follow and they don’t follow you.
  • Mutual followers.
  • Phantom followers (followers who have left no comments or I like in the last 10 posts).

WhoUnfollow for Instagram

Complete app for IOS that you will be able to access statistical data of your Instagram account, and know who is following you and who stopped following you.

Very easy to use and easy to take advantage of this app.


How Do I Know Who Is Not Following Me On Instagram

In this post I showed you web pages and apps with which you will be able to answer the eternal question that we all ask ourselves. How Do I Know Who Is Not Following Me On Instagram?

One thing you need to know is that there are certain unorthodox strategies in the world of social networks that seek to grow in audience with poor practices, is what is known as the follow-unfollow technique, so you will have to analyze from time to time your Instagram account to eliminate these accounts that really will not give you anything.

There are many ways to grow and get followers on Instagram, and the best of them is understanding the medium well and then making good use of it.

Instagram increasingly monitors abnormal growths with automatic tools and can block or delete the account, so keep in mind if you are just starting in this social network, and although it costs a little at the beginning, it is better to do things right from the beginning.