How Do Brands Use Influencer Marketing To Blow Up Their Sales

In the previous post, we talked about Barter collaborations. Today we’ll be discussing how brands use Influencer marketing to blow up their sales.

How Do Brands Use Influencer Marketing To Blow Up Their Sales

It’s true that Influencer marketing is at its record high. There are so many influencers around the world that it has become easier than ever for brands to find someone to promote their products.

In fact, with the high number of influencers in the market, it’s hard for influencers to keep up with all the competition around and earn a decent living by doing what they love.

Every brand wants to gain the attention of their audience and for doing so, they need to have access to Influencers who are willing to do the job for the lowest amount possible or for free and since there’s a lot of competition in the market, Influencers tend to say yes to every collaboration they possibly can.

Since advertisements have lowered down in number, Influencer marketing is popular as ever.

Be it VIP influencers or otherwise, you can find everyone promoting some sort of service or product on their page. And that’s typically how the audience finds new items which they can buy.

A massive percentage of people trust influencers and value their opinion.

This means that this percentage if convinced to buy a product or service will do so.

Therefore, brands look for influencers who are trendsetters and have quite a big name in the industry.

Because of that, clients are impacted and they discover new products which they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

How Do Brands Use Influencer Marketing To Blow Up Their Sales

In fact, the industry is growing at such a fast pace that platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have started marking content which allows Influencers to have formal connections.

For instance, you can see “Collaboration with XYZ Brand” written atop every promotional post on Instagram.

Likewise, Facebook allows influencers to easily tag the brand.

Brands such as Farsali, Too Faced Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Pixi Beauty amid many others target popular bloggers who have a wide reach.

This is only the beginning of what’s lying underneath.

In fact, the industry is filled with brands and influencers who are earning a large sum of money by simply posting their views on a particular service or product.

There are several brands which started out small and began growing with the help of Influencer marketing alone.

Even though influencers can reach out to vast gatherings of people, they generally don’t have control over who sees what type of content and they don’t have an approach which can easily adapt the reach that they have.

How Do Brands Use Influencer Marketing To Blow Up Their Sales

Some brands also allow Influencers to share discount codes and deals with their followers.

This way, whenever a buyer makes a purchase, the influencer is given a certain percentage as a bonus incentive.

These associate programmes are a great way for them to earn money and allow their audience to benefit from the deals as well.

The brands also set up giveaways and contests with Influencers where a chosen winner is given a special prize or a monetary reward.