Facts About James Charles That You Didn’t Know

James Charles rose to fame because of his amazing makeup tutorials and extremely stunning beauty videos.

Facts About James Charles That You Didn’t Know

His talent is evident through every look he creates. But honestly, he wasn’t always this famous.

After becoming Cover Girl’s first ever male spokesmodel, he made history.

Everyone was shocked because his style was so unique and his looks were chic.

A lot of people actually don’t know that James Charles is actually legally blind.

He can’t see clearly and needs to wear glasses and contacts. A lot of times, he says that after a long day of a shoot, his eyes begin to feel dry and it can be painful.

It’s actually heart-warming to know that he’s working extremely hard to portray his best work.

James actually became popular after his yearbook photo became famous.

It was retweeted so many times that he becomes very well known.

He brought his own highlight with him on the day of his yearbook photo shoot which is what surprised a ton of people.

He’s actually very close to his family and has filmed a makeover with his mother as well, which he hasn’t posted.

Another amusing fact is that he got to create his own makeup palette in collaboration with Morphe.

He said that the eyeshadows are perfect for every look he wants to create.

He also loves to sing and his covers of popular songs are a hit among his subscribers.

Being a relative newcomer in the YouTube industry, James became a sensation almost overnight.

He was only around 16 when he was pushed into the spotlight.

With fame comes great responsibility and that’s what happened with James, he was only one of the very few men in the industry which is why he had to work extremely hard to reach where he is now.

James does not only want to grow more as a person but he’s also working hard to break barriers of the society.

It’s true that James Charles is self-taught. Every makeup look he creates is original and since he’s been painting ever since he was a child, it has helped him explore this other side that he has.

Facts About James Charles That You Didn’t Know

Even though he has been painting for ages, makeup was extremely new to him. But since he loved to experiment, he started by styling his hair in different ways followed by makeup.

He actually confessed that he has watched a lot of YouTube videos and practiced a lot to become perfect.

Like everyone else, hate does get to James as well. He has tried to filter out negative comments but sometimes, he does feel pretty bad when people manage to get through.

Tuning out negativity is the key to success according to him.

Being the amazing and generous guy he is, he has already become one of the high-profile men in the beauty industry.

He has also confessed that he might take the music industry by the storm as well.

His parents, on the other hand, have been extremely supportive of what he does.

As far as his career is concerned, he still has a long, long way to go!