Emotional Marketing Or The Art Of Telling Stories

Emotional marketing is a must and the industry seems to agree: the importance of arousing emotions in the consumer.

For our part, we continue to believe that emotion is what moves the world.

It is not strange, there has to be a just counterpoint to the aridity of data, no doubt necessary for a highly effective marketing strategy, but without soul.

Times change; technology advances, unstoppable. The new tools and digital and virtual environments allow an unprecedented targetization and hyper segmentation.

But, in many occasions, what is behind is empty. The data is fine, but the consumer cannot be reduced to a number. We are still people, we are still moving the same thing.

Emotional Marketing is the love at first sight to make the consumer fall in love.

Jaime Cacharrón, European Marketing Director at Red Bull, said at FOA Madrid that it is necessary to move from reason advertising to emotion advertising, pointing out the need to occupy a prominent place in the consumer’s mind.

In this sense, the defense of the marketing of the senses is necessary, since they are essential when it comes to arousing emotions: music and images are determining multimedia components to bring out emotions. And, of course, also the history that sustains them.

This is where storytelling comes into play. It’s time to return to the essence, to what has always worked and to recover the art of storytelling.

There are many examples of brands, big or small, that do it very well; but many others launch empty messages, without reason, without cause, without background… without anything.

When a story is good it doesn’t matter where it starts because it ends up everywhere, in the words of the CEO of the Uruguayan agency Notable Publicidad, Pipe Stein, who also believes that “likes can be measured, but not love”.

Good stories transcend formats, yes, Pipe. Storytelling from content marketing generates an emotion and leaves a trace in the memory, making the consumer available, teaches Jorge Poyatos, co-founder of Seedtag.

Sometimes, there is no need to invent: the world is full of amazing stories, just show them.

All brands have something to tell. All brands have behind them people who feel like people and, therefore, know the ways to reach the heart of the consumer.

Emotional marketing is all about connecting stories of people with people.

Tips on what a good digital marketing campaign should look like

  • It must deal with an issue that affects everyone and evidence it in such a simple way that you are left wondering how it had not occurred to you that this was happening.
  • It must give you something directly, something that had always been yours: a fact. A fact that is always alarming, even in the best of cases.
  • A good digital marketing campaign must succeed in removing you from the inside to the point where you decide to do something to avoid it. Connecting with people like that, that’s the essence of good advertising.

It is necessary to move from the advertising of reason to the advertising of emotion, to bet on emotional marketing.

Cacharrón said that the advertising that comes from data is purely for reason. Yes, targeting is much more effective, but without a soul.

The FOA also talked about going from being in the top of mind to being in the top of heart.

However, the increasingly dynamic market, the rush to adapt to change and the short term context is materialized in that more and more campaigns are focused on sales, leaving few resources to value the brand. Branding is necessary.

But let’s not get confused, data and emotion are compatible. We are already at the doors of personalized creativity: with the creation of detailed hyper profiles, the ability of brands to touch the heart will be greater.

In the meantime, let’s stick to what always worked: to launch a message that connects with the global and that gets each individual to interpret it in their own way and make it their own.

Marketing demands emotion. Emotion moves us… also to buy.

Do you want to launch an emotional marketing campaign with which to make your consumers fall in love? You already have some tips to get started, what are you waiting for?

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