Challenges Faced By Marketers

Each marketing manager faces different challenges. Although they generally share the same goals, some are stuck recruiting talented people, while others have trouble finding the right technology for their needs.

Challenges Faced By Marketers

Whatever the case, there is always at least one area we can improve. In other words, there is always room to optimize the components of our strategy and make it more effective and profitable.

Are you curious about what kinds of obstacles marketing managers encounter?

HubSpot’s report, State of Inbound 2018, from a survey of thousands of marketers about the challenges and tactics they use every day in their jobs, reveals what challenges marketers face.

1. Demonstrate the ROI of marketing actions

Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of a digital marketing strategy is the biggest challenge for marketing managers, according to the report.

This is an important issue for everyone to understand the effectiveness of each particular marketing campaign, each piece of content, etc.

In addition, ROI – a good one in any case – is the argument for a budget increase. It’s simple: without ROI monitoring, there is no ROI demonstration. Without ROI, there is no budget.

2. Ensure sufficient budget

Having more budget – or much more than this – is the second biggest challenge for marketing leaders.

And they know that having more budget is often easier said than done, especially for those who work in small businesses, whose expenses are not flexible, if not on the contrary, they tend to be fixed or adjusted.

Of course, a budget increase is important. HubSpot data points out that the more budget marketers receive to start a campaign, the more budget they will receive in the next one.

Obviously, the key is to be able to demonstrate the ROI of marketing efforts.

3. Optimize your website to drive sales

Challenges Faced By Marketers

Managing an effective sales website is the third biggest challenge for marketing managers, especially for small businesses struggling to get through the growth phase.

In the case of nonprofits, it’s the first biggest challenge, even above ROI and budget.

As you know, having a website is a priority for any company, because its usefulness to attract visitors, turn them into customers and help them with their goals is unquestionable. I recommend you to apply these 5 changes that will increase the conversion of your website.

However, there are also obstacles when managing a website, such as content strategy, writing or optimization of content, site design, page performance, loading time, security, mastering SEO and adaptability to mobile devices such as a tablet and smartphone.

The solution? Do it on your own or hire an agency specializing in content-based strategies.

4. Identify the right technology for your needs

Finding the right technology is the fourth challenge for marketing managers.

This is because the feedback they often find is not the right one: they don’t get good guidance about the tool or software that solves a specific marketing problem.

Like any software tool, if it’s not supported in processes, no matter how solid it is, it won’t help you much.

It is important to evaluate, not only an automation software, but the level of clarity and sophistication of your processes and the level of knowledge you have of your personal buyer.

That will undoubtedly help you make an investment with a return that effectively contributes to the growth of your company. This is where marketing automation comes in.

5. Train your team

Marketing managers find that training their teams is the fifth biggest challenge they face, whether the preparation is to acquire concepts and tools for everyday use, or to reach the real potential of the collaborators.

In order to have a global idea of how the team is doing, it is necessary to take a few minutes to evaluate each member about their strengths and weaknesses in marketing, their level of experience and their passion and commitment to the company.

You can also consider training the team online: for example, a free tool is the one offered by the HubSpot Academy, with its Inbound Marketing certification.

6. Managing content for your ideal client

Challenges Faced By Marketers

Finding the right target or customer is a key component of all aspects of marketing.

To be most effective, one of the first things any marketing manager needs is to identify his or her personal buyer in order to determine who to target.

Therefore, when it comes to expanding, it can be a big challenge not only to discover the best way to sell to a new audience, but also to organize and optimize the company’s website for different audiences.

7. Hire talented people

Hiring talented collaborators is the seventh biggest challenge experienced by marketing managers.

Why? Many companies are diverting more resources to Inbound Marketing, which means a high demand for professionals trained in this methodology.

So choosing candidates, evaluating them to see if they have the required skills and finding the ideal people, takes months or more.

Here it is worth remembering that an Inbound Marketing specialist is one who combines technique, creativity and business orientation to be successful in marketing.

8. Finding a great sponsor

Challenges Faced By Marketers

Having an executive sponsor usually means having someone in a privileged position that sets our agenda.

While finding one is the eighth biggest challenge for marketers.

The State of Inbound report indicates that this priority has increased over the years.

My Conclusion

Does your company experience any of these challenges?

An in-depth analysis of your digital marketing strategy and its current performance will help you discover what your biggest marketing opportunity is.

In addition, it will allow you to focus on improving the areas that need more attention, so you can start making your strategies more effective.

If you are currently facing one of these challenges and want ideas on how to overcome them, you can always consider getting outside help.