Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It? (Part II)

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Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It (Part II)

  • What is Instagram Explore, and how to use it to your advantage?
    • Why is Instagram Explore important to your business?
  • How to appear in Instagram Explore?
    1. Create high quality content
    2. Publish content based on your target market

3. Publish when your audience is most active (the top 50 are vital)

According to Later, publications receive more likes shortly after publication. Many people agree that the first 50 likes you receive will make a difference; it seems that the faster you are, the more likely you are to appear in Instagram Explore; and it seems that the algorithm helps with interactions/speed to know what is important and what is not.

On the other hand, you can also use the geolocation tag. Remember that pointing out where you have taken the picture helps to get likes from people who have also been there or just walked in to see what images were there.

4. Causing reaction or interaction

Writing good descriptions in Instagram is essential when the goal is for your content to appear in Explore.

When someone clicks on a photo in Explore, the description is the first thing they see. Using a call to action can get visitors to take additional action.

You can ask a question, incite discussion, have a carousel slide, etc. The important thing is to generate interaction that can be detected and/or make the user spend more time in your image, as that is also relevant.

Avoid gross Clickbait because it is easy to detect, but it is a fact that the more reactions you provoke, the better the algorithm will take it.

This image belongs to a set of photos from a content creator. It’s impossible not to slide them all into the carousel and leave a reaction, it has more than 300 comments!

5. Have a good hashtags strategy

How important are hashtags? Publications with at least one have on average 12.6% more engagement than publications without them.

So if your goal is to appear in the Instagram Explore of more users, HTs are essential. Here’s a guide on how many and how to use hashtags.

A quick tip that contradicts what everyone tells you: don’t try to use only the most popular HTs; not only because they tend to be generalists, but because they won’t match the ones your audience is looking for.

Remember, it’s no use being viral just for the sake of it; being viral with your audience is everything.

Benefits of sharing images of others on Instagram

Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It (Part II)

Can it help you share photos of others? The answer is a resounding YES.

Why? Because other users may have quasi-viral material that works very well in your niche. Content sharing can give you.

  • Greater reach for your business
  • Increased engagement
  • New followers

Best Ways to Find Viral Content on Instagram

Algorithm vs algorithm: a useful formula

The best way to know if the content of an influencer is relevant to your brand has gone viral is to simply look at the last 15 publications to determine the interaction rate.

Don’t count videos or ads. Determine the average. Then, look at all content that has exceeded that average by more than 20%.

This is the content you need to share images of others on Instagram because it will increase engagement and reach in your account.

How to find a business influence in your niche? Easy, do a search using some of the most relevant hashtags for your audience and analyze those accounts with high interaction.

Hashtags have the best chance of finding viral content. Analyze the main hashtags within your niche to find viral content and possible influencers to follow to get more.

Another tip

  • Look for viral content on other platforms like Facebook or better yet, Pinterest, because it’s visual content too.

When it comes to sharing images of others on Instagram never forget to give credit to the owners of the content.

Ways to share images of others on Instagram

Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It (Part II)

1. Repost makes it easy to share images of others on Instagram while giving credit to the content owner.

Follow these steps to share images of others on Instagram with Repost:

  • Open the Instagram application and search for a photo or video you would like to share.
  • Click on … in the upper right corner of the publication. Then tap “Copy Shared URL.
  • Open Repost for Instagram. The publication you copied will automatically be on the home page.
  • Click on “Repost”. Then click on “Copy to Instagram”, where you can add a filter and edit the publication.
  • Tap “Next”. If you want to include the description of the original publication, click on the description field and press “Paste”, where the original text will appear.
  • Click on “Share” and it is done … the publication appears in your Instagram profile.

2. Regram is another application to share images of others in Instagram.

3. Or you can do it the manual way by taking a screenshot of the publication to share images of others in Instagram.

Which tool do you use to share images of others on Instagram?

Do you have any tip to appear on Instagram Explore?

We will read you in the comments.

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