Appear On Instagram Explore How To Do It? (Part I)

Instagram changes its algorithm all the time and this fact despairs many because they don’t know how to keep up and keep their account growing.

Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It (Part I)

Brian Solis popularized the term “Digital Darwinism” which is nothing more than the inability to keep up with the digital transformation… and that is that we are just understanding the algorithm and it has changed once again; we are just getting used to the tool, and it has already incorporated new functions…

Instead of despairing, what if you were looking for one of the most powerful ways to grow your followers: to appear in Instagram Explore (“Search and Explore”).

The best way to grow in Instagram is the Explore Page, that section that appears when you click on the magnifying glass inside your mobile app.

When one of your images or videos appears there, it naturally drives the publication to become viral and get more reach, followers and traffic.

However, creating viral content is almost impossible. Attempts don’t always work. But WARNING: You can find viral content on Instagram to boost the growth of your own account.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As Jack the Ripper would say: let’s go for parts.

  • What is Instagram Explore, and how to use it to your advantage?
    • Why is Instagram Explore important to your business?
  • How to appear in Instagram Explore?
    1. Create high quality content
    2. Publish content based on your target market
    3. Publish when your audience is most active (the top 50 are vital)
    4. Causing reaction or interaction
    5. Have a good hashtags strategy
  • Benefits of sharing images of others on Instagram
  • Best Ways to Find Viral Content on Instagram
    • Algorithm vs algorithm: a useful formula
  • Ways to share images of others on Instagram

What is Instagram Explore, and how to use it to your advantage?

Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It (Part I)

The Instagram Explore is actually an algorithm. Its main function is to help users find the content they like best.

As already noted, Instagram Explore appears by touching the magnifying glass icon on the menu at the bottom of the screen within the app, and is different for each user. Where does it come from and how is it made up?

According to Instagram, publications are automatically selected based on factors such as the people you follow or the type of publications you like.

You can also watch video channels, which include posts from a series of accounts selected automatically and individually based on the topics the algorithm determines you might like.

Why is Instagram Explore important to your business?

As you will understand, appearing on Instagram Explore frequently would help you gain a lot of followers but would even support you in turning your new followers into fans who could eventually buy your products.

How to appear in Instagram Explore

It would be completely false for someone to tell you that they can guarantee to appear in Instagram Explore, but there are ways in which you can considerably increase the opportunity.

1. Creating high quality content

To appear in Instagram Explore, your content must be of the highest quality. Remember the content matrix? The forms that generate more engagement are: entertaining, inspiring and educational content.

Instagram wants to give people incredible content that they love and interact with.

This image, for example, appeared in our Instagram Explore and it was impossible for us not to click on it… like a thousand other people. It is not uncommon given that design and color are contents that we recurrently appeal to.

So in order to become viral, you need content that is emphatically eye-catching and that makes people click on the famous heart button.

As you will understand, if you have a brand that sells glasses, putting only a photo of them, will hardly be able to connect, but some lifestyle image or even an influence using them can help.

In order to appear in Instagram Explore you can also support yourself with image editors that achieve spectacular effects, for example, Spark Post, PhotoLab, Prisma, Deluxe FX, PhotoShot Express, Aviary, Color Strokes or SpacePaint.

2.Publish content based on your target market

Appear In Instagram Explore How To Do It (Part I)

Your photos should stand out among the others and arouse the interest of your user.

Remember that each Instagram Explore is different. Yours and the person next to you are completely different, so don’t try to be viral on a massive scale, but with your audience.

To create content that your audience really likes, the best thing you can do is listen.

A good way to listen on Instagram is to follow your clients on the platform to see what kind of photos they are posting and what kind of content they like. You can also do an analysis of what in your account has caused more engagement.

An extra tip here… video, video and video. Create stories and also watch live.

Nothing is currently awakening more engagement than life videos. The only barrier is fear… but if you share something interesting, even if it’s not perfect, your users will appreciate it and the interaction will happen; and the more interaction there is, the more signals for the algorithm that your account is relevant.

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