Advanced Link Building Guide (Part IV)

In the previous post I spoke about:

  • Simple Link Building Techniques
    • Stealing competition links
    • Video Link Building
    • Link Bait
    • Link Building – Broken Links
    • Broken Brand Mention

Advanced Link Building Guide (Part IV)

4. Simple Link Building Techniques


It is a controversial technique because it is in the fine line of what Google considers “buy links”. Although it is not as obvious as a typical “link buying”, it can set off alarms that you want to get links by cheating.

It basically consists of contacting websites that accept donations, in exchange for a donation appear in the list of collaborating companies.

To find these websites use the searches

  • « + donations»
  • « + sponsors»

Another effective formula for finding these types of websites is through searches:

  • “link to your website”
  • “link to your website”
  • “link to your website”

5. Advanced Link Building

The examples of link building techniques above are more than enough for you to get a good amount of links consistently if you apply them correctly.

The following techniques are indicated for those who have already exhausted the previous ones and are looking for new techniques and tricks with which to get more backlinks to their website.

Create a Twitter profile to get links

Advanced Link Building Guide (Part IV)

Adding a link in the Twitter profile is a good opportunity that sometimes goes unnoticed.

If you already have a Twitter profile, you can add a link in both the “website” and “bio” and get a good number of high authority links through the aggregators that share your content from Twitter.

Some aggregates of this type are:

  • Klout
  • Twellow
  • Twitter Counter

To make your profile very active you can use a service like HootSuite to automatically post other relevant blogs in the sector.

You can increase the number of followers in your account quickly using services such as Twitter Ads or Twitter Counter Featured Users.

Use pingback and trackback to get backlinks

This link building technique consists of linking websites with high authority and pingback activated.

Pingback is a method for web authors to request a notification when someone links to one of their documents. Sending and receiving this information is transparent to the user. This allows authors to keep track of who is linking to them”.

Blogs that have Pingback enabled will display a link back to your website in their comments area.

Pingbacks can help you create a number of links from authority sites pointing to your website. They can also be used to send you traffic by appearing in the comments section of the blog that has Pingback enabled. If a user clicks on that link he will be redirected to your website.

To detect blogs that have pingback enabled simply enter the following Google search command:

intitle: “your keyword” “comment”

Link Building using Networking

This is a link building technique that has gained much fame in recent years.

Building relationships with other bloggers in your industry is an effective way to reach new audiences, gain visibility, build relationships with others in your industry and, of course, get quality links to your website.

When you link to another blogger from one of your articles you get two things:

  • You provide a valuable backlink to the blogger you are linking to.
  • You recognize the blogger as an authority in the industry.

Everyone likes the recognition and by linking and sharing their content what you’re doing is putting you on the radar of those bloggers who will surely also decide to link some of your content or share it on their networks.

Link Building with testimonials

A very effective way to get high quality links for your website is through testimonials.

Many pages that offer products or services give the possibility to include a testimonial about the product/service you have hired.

Simply review the latest products you have purchased online and check if there is a testimonials section on their websites; if so, contact the administrator of the page to include yours.

In addition to reviewing the products you have already hired, you can also actively search for service/product providers that have a website that already shows testimonials from other customers.

Use the following Google searches:

  • “keyword + testimonials
  • “keyword + recommendations
  • “keyword + customer testimonials
  • “keyword + customer reviews
  • “keyword” + “what customers say”
  • “keyword” + “what our customers say”

6. Conclusion

The Link Building a few years ago was almost the factor in SEO positioning.

Today, despite changes in Google’s algorithm and that there are more than 200 SEO factors, Link Building strategies remain a very important part of our positioning.

In this Complete Link Building Guide, we have seen some well-known techniques, and others not so well-known, for building links to our website in a systematic and constant way, as long as we do it well and we try not to break Google’s guidelines regarding link creation.

What is your favorite Link Building technique and the one that works best for you?