Advanced Link Building Guide (Part III)

In the previous post I spoke about:

  • Tips for Link Building
    • As a general rule avoid buying links.
    • Avoid spamming forums and comments on blogs
    • Beware of PBN – Private blog network.
  • The anchor text in SEO
  • Simple Link Building Techniques
    • Link directories

Advanced Link Building Guide (Part III)

4. Simple Link Building Techniques

Stealing links from the competition

You can use various tools to analyze the backlinks of your competitors and export them in an excel sheet.

With this technique you will be able to find valuable pages and discover what tactics your competitors use to get backlinks.

Analyzing the SEO and link building of the competition will help you to understand your weaknesses.

When you select a competitor to analyze their backlinks make sure you select only those that are getting good positioning results.

Video Link Building

Google loves videos, especially those published through its YouTube platform.

If you manage to create videos capable of attracting visitors and retaining users, you will undoubtedly be rewarded in the positioning of your pages.

According to a study by MOZ, people are more likely to link to your content if it contains multimedia elements.

What contents can you publish in the form of video to get back links?

Video-tutorials, guides, tool analyses and product/service demonstrations are the types of videos that get the best response from users.

The key to video link building is to make sure that the description of the video and its content are related. You also have to include the keywords you are trying to position in both the title and description of the video. And don’t forget to link to your page from the video itself.

The videos you publish do not have to have a minimum duration or be of exceptional quality.

Simply focus on publishing a video that adds value to the user by helping them solve a specific problem.

The Video Link Building is especially effective for improving the SEO of Online Shops, as it is very easy to create videos for product files and also increase the engagement of the page, improving the user experience, and give confidence to your customers.

This is a list of tools that allow you to record video:


Some websites where you can upload your videos and create backlinks


Link Bait

According to Wikipedia: “Link bait is a term that refers to any content or feature of a website that the user encourages visitors to create links to it from their own websites”.

Link Baiting is a linkbuilding strategy with which to get links from third party sites, without having to ask for them, as the content itself is so good or useful that it deserves to be shared.

The publication of infographics is a very effective way of doing linkbaiting. It is a very visual format and attracts a good number of links.

One of the important points of linkbaiting, and that reflects how has changed the way to create and disseminate content over past years, is that the part of dissemination and promotion currently have much more weight and importance than a few years ago.

An effective way to linkbaiting is to locate and improve existing articles. The process is as follows:

  • Locate an article related to your subject and that is link bait type. Its content is so good and of such quality that the article has probably been linked from different websites in the sector.
  • Use the tool any of the tools we saw above to find websites that link that content.
  • Improve the content that already exists by adding videos, infographics, data of interest, extending the subject matter or treating each point of the article in greater depth than in the article in question. In short, improves that article in a remarkable way.
  • Contact the owners of the websites that linked to the link bait content of point 1. Ask them to link your new improved content from their articles, replacing the old version of the content with the new version you just created.

Content types that work exceptionally well for LinkBaiting

  • Infographics
  • Tutorials
  • Guides for beginners
  • Major industry news and changes
  • Lists of the type “Top 10 | Top 50 | Top 100…”
  • Industry reports and analysis

Link Building – Broken Links

Advanced Link Building Guide (Part III)

It is a very good link building strategy that can help you get links in a very short time without the need to publish new content or improve an existing one.

This strategy is based on finding quality sites that have broken links on their pages and using them as an opportunity to convince the site administrators to replace the broken link with a similar content that exists on your website.

We can automate this process and find broken links using the Broken LinkBuilding tool.

Broken Brand Mention

It is a very simple, fast and direct technique to get links.

It consists of tracking and identifying mentions of your brand. If you detect a mention that does not contain a link to your website, contact the site administrator and ask to include a link in the mention.

Tools to track and identify mentions of your brand:

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