5 Powerful SEO And Social Listening Tools To Optimize Your Strategy For 2019

Time goes by and we continue talking about digital marketing continues to gain relevance in marketing budgets and advertising by brands, largely because they are the perfect scenario to connect with audiences.

  1. Asana.
  2. Basecamp.
  3. Linkio.
  4. Awario.
  5. Brandwatch.

Not for nothing do we see that digital advertising revenues for 2018 exceed 266 billion dollars worldwide, according to projections published in Statista.

If we talk about the digital environment, we have to refer to two fundamental elements: search engines optimization better known as SEO and social media marketing.

In this context, it is extremely important that marketing specialists include in their plans, various tools to optimize their strategies and, thus, have greater opportunities to achieve the objectives that are set.

Here are 5 powerful tools that will be of great help:

1. Asana

This is a tool for managing SEO projects that already has time in the market and that one of its plus, is that it has a free version.

It stands out because it allows users to create lists, set reminders, assign tasks to projects, manage due dates, including team members, and communicate through comments.

In addition, according to Search Engine Journal specialists, it is compatible with third-party tools, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

2. Basecamp

It is considered a reliable tool for the management of SEO projects, it is of great help to monitor tracking, in addition to offering additional functions such as direct messaging chats, centralized document storage and a programming tool.

3. Linkio

One of the newest tools on the market, it was launched in 2017, but despite this, it has already earned the recognition of specialists in the field of SEO project management.

It helps with planning, tracking, automation and campaign reporting.

4. Awario

Another tool that is relatively new, but in this case is for social listening and, according to Search Engine Land specialists, is a valuable resource for making social network and web monitoring much more affordable for any company.

You can monitor mentions of brand, competition or industry, even more complex searches such as kissing own content that has been replicated (or plagiarized) on another site that do not make reference to link or cite source.

It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs and Reddit.

5. Brandwatch

Also for social listening and stands out for two reasons; the first has a cost, but in counterpart (the second) is that it is considered one of the most powerful in terms of analysis.

It offers image recognition, access to demographic data about your audience, trend issues in your niche, in addition to having its own visualization tool called Vizia that can be combined with Google Analytics, Buzzsumo and Hootsuite.